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Legacy of Leadership, Strive for significance - lead on purpose! is now available. Our Kindle version made the Amazon Best Seller Lists (Sept 26-28th) in leadership category. #1 Canada, #2 US, #4 UK

Leaders are readers!

My friend and fellow author and speaker, the late Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones is credited with saying,

“You are the same today that you are going to be in five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read.”

Canadian business and leadership success author, Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey has earned a solid reputation for going the extra mile in crafting and tailoring his leadership, business, and career development books, e-books, instructional guide and workbooks, and innovative companion educational learning materials, and Business Enhancement Success Tools for his clients and audiences around the world.

Bob has been writing and publishing his innovative, challenging and profitable Ideas At Work! for more than 29 years!

Business and Career Building Publications and Products from Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Edmonton colleagues, Gail Haughton and Barb Wychopen assisting Canadian business and leadership success author, Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey at the CSAE - All Alberta Trade Show, where he was the 'featured' motivational keynote conference speaker.

New from Success Publications...

Bob's 7th Edition of Speaking for Success was published in January of 2012. This 7th updated version is based on his program which has taught thousands of professionals how to be more powerful presenters.

Bob has built a solid reputation as a speaker and a trainer of speakers and has a Speaking for Success Boot Camp that has been well recieved across Canada and the globe.

Each version builds on the previous one with added materials, tips, and techniques learned from working with and observing the world's top speakers. Most of these tips are proven first hand in Bob's own presentations.

If you are serious about being a better, more powerful, more effective presenter this book needs to be in your personal success library. Follow this link to purchase.

Purchase it today from and start applying its wisdom in just a few days. Now available in print and kindle versions. Our Kindle version hit #1 on US, Canada, and UK (Nov 7-9th) in the self help, meetings and presentations categories

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Bob's 2nd Edition of Legacy of Leadership, Strive for significance - lead on purpose! was published in April of 2013. This updated version is based on his program which has taught thousands of professionals how to be more powerful presenters.

Move your leadership from success to significance! Leaders gain their greatest satisfaction from seeing their teams grow and succeed in their changing roles. Dramatically enhance your leadership career or organization's performance by applying these personal, innovative leadership ideas from someone who knows. Inspire your team to greater success and productivity.

"Leadership at its 'BEST' is about developing other strong leaders!"
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

If you are serious about being a better, more influential and more effective leader this book needs to be in your personal success library. Follow this link to purchase.

Purchase it today from and start applying its wisdom in just a few days. Legacy of Leadership, Strive for significance - lead on purpose! is now available in print and kindle versions. Our Kindle version made the Amazon Best Seller Lists (Sept 26-28th) in leadership category. #1 Canada, #2 US, #4 UK

Foundational Success: Building Blocks for Personal and Professional Success

Whether you are planning on building a house, a successful career, or a profitable business, starting with a strong foundation ensures whatever you build is better equipped to stand the test of time and storms that might come your way. In this inspiring and helpful eBook, 30 top experts and authors share their proven guidance as building blocks for your personal and professional success.

This publicaton has been created and designed as a special fund raising project in support of the CAPS Foundation. Your support will help us contribute to a fund administered by the CAPS Foundation that wll be used to help others in subsequent years.

Purchase it today from and start applying the wisdom from our generous experts tomorrow. Kindle versions are now available on (US), (Canada), (United Kingdom)


Why Didn't I THINK of That? The creative power of Ideas at Work!

As committed business owners, leaders, and professionals, we are paid for our ability to creatively solve our client's problems by providing services or products. As innovative leaders, managers, owners, sales professionals, or even association executives, 'creativity' and/or innovation is our stock-in-trade as we serve and solve our numerous client and membership needs.

The tools, tips, and techniques shared in 'Why Didn't I THINK of That?' can be applied in at least three directions:

  • Problem-solving and decision making
  • Strategic planning for business and career enhancement
  • Tapping your inner genius or Creative S.O.U.L.

These creativity tools are 'essential' in helping you birth your dreams or in solving perplexing problems for your clients/customers and/or members you encounter. They can better help you form, train, and more creatively lead your teams. They can help you become more profitable, productive, and successful.

Why Didn't I THINK of That? The creative power of Ideas at Work! can be your guide to enhanced success in life, sales, business and of course, more innovative leadership.

Make ME Feel Special! The Art of Customer Service

You ‘make money’ in business primarily when you are in face-to-face or phone-to-phone sales, service, or follow up contact with your clients. You ‘earn that money’ by delivering on what you contract and you ‘leverage that money’ by maintaining good client contact and ongoing superior service. But first, you need to be and/or keep in contact with them. Keep in touch, treat them specially, and they will come back; and bring their friends and colleagues too.

The Art of Customer Service is a skillful blend of all three with a focus on making your clients feel special. We are dedicated to your growth and success! We’ve seen professionals, business owners, and top performing salespeople apply these techniques to create successful careers and profitable organizations.

Working to create a customer service based, client centered culture will pay top dividends for years to come. Customer service is a ‘proven’ success tool for top performing professionals, leaders, business owners, and champion sales people.

Running TOO Fast? Creating Time to Lead & Still Have a Life!

I’ve found myself working more with leaders at various levels within associations and organizations as well as corporations. What I’ve found is many of them share the same challenge. They are TOO busy! They are tired!

I hear leaders telling me, “…life is good; but, out of control, over-committed and with a blurring lack of focus on the important things and people in their lives.”

I’ve been there! I’ve been a freedom fighter for years, working to recapture my time and take personal leadership over my life, goals, and actions. Over the years I have been able to help leaders and business owners become more productive.

If you, as a leader, are TOO busy to invest time ‘critical’ to helping your team deal with their challenges, then everyone loses. We want to guide and assist you and your teams retake control of your lives by recapturing or repurposing your time. We want to help you become more productive, successfully grow, and to profitably win! Running TOO Fast? Creating time to lead and still have a life! is written ‘just’ for you.

In the Company of Leaders - re-released in honor of Toastmasters 90th anniversary

The world needs more leaders! Communities, corporations, as well as volunteer organizations, like Toastmasters International, cry out for courageous leaders. People, like you and me, who are willing to take greater personal leadership. Leaders who are committed to equipping and motivating those who would follow them to grow, to become more productive, and to succeed.

In short, we need you! It is our quest to provide, in this publication, tools, tips, and techniques garnered from these top leaders and generous experts which will assist you in your own leadership journey. We trust you will apply what we’ve shared in your own quest to better serve and equip your teams.

This publication was created under the lead of Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey and is our gift to this amazing organization that helps leaders develop their skills including those of more powerful communication.

Our latest books are a part of our Legacy Success series. 

Add Bob's publications to your success library today!

Canadian Ideaman, Bob Hooey is the prolific, creative author of many business, leadership and career development books, four success systems, four pocket wisdom books, six e-books and eight mini books, so far.

Bob is a frequent contributor and columnist on sales, motivational teamwork, leadership, innovation, presentation and communication skills, and success, seen in North American consumer, corporate intra-net, association, trade journals, and on-line e-zines, including the CanadaOne, The Manager, the Toastmaster, Speaking of Impact and the Acushet/Titleist companies.

His innovative, motivational Ideas At Work! success articles and publications have been read and successfully applied by thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals across the world.

His monthly, motivational Ideas@Work! e-zine is available at no-charge, for interested, committed leaders, sales people, and leading professionals.

It is available by clicking on this link to subscribe.

Follow this link for archive copies of Ideas @ Work!.

Bob spoke to 3200 students (grades 3-7) earlier this year at a Rise Up against bullying rally.

Bob's articles have been featured in 4 Software Sales Journal issues, including May 08; and May '09 and he is still (4th year) rated as one of their most read writers ; Bob has 4 articles in Canadian Manager, Winter 2008 and Fall 2009 issues; Bob's article in July issue of Toastmasters Magazine.

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  • Why Didn’t I ‘THINK’ of That? – The Creative Power of Ideas at Work! $24.95 Buy Now!
  • Running TOO Fast? Creating Time to Lead and still have a life! $24.95 Buy Now!
  • Make ME Feel Special! - The Art of Customer Service $24.95 Buy Now!
  • Legacy of Leadership! $24.95 Buy Now!
  • In the Company of Leaders $27.95 Buy Now!
  • Foundational Success $27.95 Buy Now!
  • Success Skills for Leaders, entrepreneurs, and those who support them $32.95 Out of print!
  • Speaking For Success! - $24.95 Buy Now!
  • A Quest for Balance – One speaker’s recipe for success on the platform $24.95 Out of print!
  • Creating TIME to Lead, Sell or ManageCreating more face-to-face time for clients and the sales or management process $32.95 Buy Now!



Add Bob's publications to your success library today!


Ask for customized quotation (pricing varies)

Each customized Success System can include an Audio CD-ROM, selected special reports and resource guides, mini-books, motivational posters, success tools, and as a bonus, two 15 minute phone consultations with Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey. Each system also include follow up articles and unlimited email access to Bob for 6 months. Pricing varies based on the system purchased and the needs of each client - ask for a quotation:

  • Prepare Yourself to WIN! – Bob originally created and delivered this program for the senior management group of one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies in 2003. They successfully moved into a plus billion dollar retail sales volume the next year.
  • I’m Already Running as Fast as I can! - Get control of your time and profitably leverage your efforts for increased productivity.
  • Secrets of EFFECTIVE Customer Service - Leverage the customer connection for increased profits and morale. Profitably take your sales career or team to the next level.
  • Why Didn’t I ‘THINK’ of That? - Harness the power of your inner genius – leverage applied creativity and innovation to profitably move your career or company to the next level.
  • Secret Selling Tips -

Add Bob's publications to your success library today!


  • Create the Future! - Vision and innovation $24.95 E-book Buy Now!
  • Sales Success - Sampler and Companion $12.95 E-book Buy Now!
  • Quantum Success - a 3 volume e-anthology launched October 2006. Click on link to gain your free copies.
  • Thinking Beyond The FIRST Sale - Creating repeat customers for sales professionals $32.95 Buy Now!
  • Coaching for Optimal Results – Bringing out the Best in people! $32.95 Buy Now!
  • CONFLICT - Dealing effectively with conflict $19.95 Buy Now!
  • Get to YES! - The subtle art of persuasion in negotiation $19.95 Buy Now!
  • For Immediate Release – The Personal Power of Public Relations $19.95 Buy Now!
  • Media Management - What to say if a reporter calls $19.95 Buy Now!
  • Winning in the Boardroom – Maximized meetings that get results $19.95 Buy Now!


Ideas At Work! – Strategies for Success is a monthly e-newsletter that’s absolutely jam-packed with ideas you can build on. Ideas to enhance your career, train and motivate your sales team, streamline your business process, recruit and hire the best staff, profitably nudge your leadership and company to the next level, retain and expand your client base and more! Creative articles and points to ponder from the innovative brain of Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey. Special guest articles from North America’s top business experts. Reviews of top selling business and career building publications. We will not share or sell your name as your privacy is important.

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