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Thanks for your interest in PIVOT To Present. Please download your personal copy (below) with our compliments.


Please do not share the book directly. However, please feel free to share this download page with your friends. We want to share this book as widely around the globe as possible. www.SuccessPublications.ca/PIVOT.html

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, Certified Virtual Presenter & 26 special guest authors

Thanks to all those who contributed to making this gift book a reality.

Our gratitude to the following amazing friends and colleagues who have generously shared their experiences, stories, lessons learned, tips and techniques to assist each of us, ‘me included’, to better deliver our virtual message with more impact. Much of what we share works for educators, leaders, business owners and salespeople who are now using this medium to connect and help their clients. Many thanks!

Patricia Fripp, Graeme Codrington, Tom Sligting, Antoni Lacinai, Mike Darmell, Valda Boyd Ford, Paul ter Wal, Kathi Kulesza, Jackie Barrie, Terry Mayfield, Claire Boscq-Scott, Julie Lewis, Joe Grondin, Dilip Abayasekara, Marvelous Mark, David Arvin, Angelo Tirhas, Irene Gaudet, Charlotte Kemp, Greg Gazin, David Papp, John Polish, Marc Haine, Robert Alan Black, Gijs Hillman, Greg Wood, Darren LaCroix, Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Don't share the book directly. However, please feel free to share this download page with your friends. We want to share this book as widely around the globe as possible. We will have a counter on this page to see how many people come to download their copy.... we'd love to help 10's of 1000's in their quest to be more effective presenting in virtual environments.

RESOURCES: Please bookmark this page as we will be adding resources as we find them or they are shared



Darren LaCroix's videos - thanks



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